09 September, 2020

10 books for September 2020

10 books for September 2020

New release 10 books you can buy form Amazon India in the month of September.  

1. Think Like a Monk

Author : Jay Shetty

Go to Amazon.inThink Like a Monk

2. One Arranged Murder   -  

Author - Chetan Bhagat

Go to Amazon.in - One Arranged Murder

3. Tharoorosaurus 

Author - Shashi Tharoor

Go to Amazon.in - Tharoorosaurus

4. The India Way: Strategies for an Uncertain World

Author - S. Jaishanka

5. The Girl Next Door

Author - Arpit Vageria

Go to Amazon.in - The Girl Next Door

why should we read books

The practice of reading books improves lots of things, including vocabulary, thinking skills, concentration, expand the knowledge. It reduces stress. It also affect social perception, and emotional intelligence. So these 10 books in September 2020 may help you. 

6. The Evening and the Morning: The Prequel to The Pillars of the Earth

Author - Ken Follett

7. To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Author - Christopher Paolini

Go to Amazon.in - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

8. Funding Your Startup: And Other Nightmares

Author - Dr Dhruv Nath, Sushanto Mitra

Go to Amazon.in - Funding Your Startup: And Other Nightmares

9. The Return

Author - Nicholas Sparks

Go to Amazon.in - The Return

10. Blood & Honey

Author - Shelby Mahurin

Go to Amazon.in - Blood & Honey

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